Monday, April 22, 2013

Yog for All Ailments !

The word "Yog" has come from the Sanskrit word "yuj," which means "to unite or integrate." Although Yog seems to be physical exercises, it is also a lifestyle practice for training your mind, body, and breath. This helps in connecting you with your spirituality. Yog brings about the union between you (soul) and the Creator (Super soul) in order to offer you enlightenment, viz. God realization or attainment of permanent bliss.

Yog has tons of benefits. It is helpful in mitigating stress, which is perhaps the biggest common enemy of man in today’s world.  Without doubt, Children are not exempted from this frightening curse. Provided such a situation, Yog is certainly a very good option for the young and the old to obtain a healthy mind in a healthy body, which is the essence of life itself.  Yog can yoke your body, breath, and mind to help you balance the physical, mental, and spiritual elements in day to day life.   

Yog is a way of life that helps you attain not only physical comfort and mental balance, but also spiritual elevation. Yogasans have manifold aims. They can be used as a means to prepare students for spiritual practices. Next they help incorporate the body, mind, and spirit. Most essential role of them is the natural healing nature to cure many diseases, which are even taken as incurable. With its regular practice you can gain flexibility, strength, balance, and stamina. For the same reason, many people practice Yog to keep away their anxiety, stress, diseases, and different bodily problems. Of course the regular practice of Yog improves your mental clarity, boosts up your digestions, helps you have a sound sleep, and so on.