Friday, May 24, 2013

Adapt Natural Way to Live Healthy

Nature has given us a lot in the form of various plants. The natural food has enough vitamins, minerals and the other nutrients needed for us. Pulses, nuts, seeds, grains, leafy vegetables and other vegetables as well as fruits are sufficient to fulfill our bodily requirements.
To see all these, there is no need to have non-vegetarian items. Even our anal canal has not been designed in that way. Our intestine is 2-3 times more in length when compared to the flesh eating animal. It is since the flesh putrefies very soon.
And the natural environment with open air, greenery all around us, that is really health giving. Morning walk in such places; doing asans, pranayam and meditation in the morning or at the dusk are no less freshening activities instead to hang around the club house or cinema or television.
Almost everything that we need we have on this earth planet. But what matters is that we have spoiled our habits. We have the habits of eating fried and fast food, drinking, not so soft, soft drinks. We have forgotten the proverb: early to bed and early to rise. “Late to bed and late to rise”, has been or newly formed dictum.
Applying the natural lifestyle is the only way to gain and preserve a good health. A use of medicine is not the way to health. Medicines only suppress the problem which comes up again in another form. That’s the reason why people get attached to the hospitals once they start it.    

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Yog as a Universal Religion

   You might consider Yog as a particular religion. However, it is a universal religion for all the sects of people from the world. It preaches guiding principles for healthy and pious living, positive attitudes, study of sacred texts, and communion with the Supreme God. Although some branches of Yog might seem more religious or mystical. Be clear that Yog itself is not any religion.
   Yog as a universal religion in itself is open to all cultures and religions. It encourages you to understand and respect all religious and spiritual texts so that you understand yourself and others in positive and deeper ways. Yog is never biased, prejudiced, or exclusive. So, in order to have the opportunity of Yog practice, you need not be a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Muslim, a Christian, or a Jew, but you may be from any of sects. Whichever religion you have been following since your birth, Yog will certainly help you to reveal your spiritual potential.