Saturday, October 27, 2012

Diet Tips

Always follow the nutritional awareness for your sound health. Apply these tips and enjoy your promoted well-being.

  • Eat whole, fresh, unprocessed foods—seasonal, organic, and local, whenever possible.
  • Eat a diet that is founded on proven nutritional science.
  • Eat foods that promote perfect digestion and support your gut flora.
  • Omit the foods you are allergic to or intolerant of.
  • Eat foods that taste good, and allow your taste buds time to get used to new foods.
  • Eat in rhythm—three meals or five to six mini-meals scheduled at regular intervals throughout the day.
  • Eat until you are no more than two-thirds full.
  • Eat in a relaxed and tranquil state.
  • Always avoid non-veg. foods as they are bestial foods to stimulate and make you angry, impatient and diseased.
  • Stay happily hydrated.
  • Eat foods you cook.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Time Management

Time is fleeting every moment.

There are many sayings about time. No one can deny its importance in his/her life. God has created this world for a reason and if we closely observe the nature, we would find plenty of things that come on time.
The sun, moon, stars and planets continue their motion in specific orbits and in fixed times. Sun rises from east at fixed time on every day and then sets in the west. Similarly a child is born in this world and dies at its time. If we follow the principles of God we will be successful. The time is the most important factor of all. If we abide by it, we can never be penalized. Take an example of our daily life.
Life and Death are not in anyone's hands. They are things that just happen every time and with everyone. Same is the case with time. Most of the times we take it for granted that there is always plenty of time. Due to this perhaps we indulge in various activities, which are a wholesale waste of time.
The clock is always ticking. The seconds keep on ticking just like busy ants. The ants keep themselves always busy by always hunting for food everywhere. Similarly the seconds always keep
Be time conscious.

on ticking to attain short-term goals of making a minute with 60 ticks. After reaching a milestone of a minute the second's hand of a clock don't take a break, but start afresh for another round of 60 ticks. Then take it minute by minute and inadvertently reach a quarter of an hour, and hour and then a day. They always focus on the smaller targets- that is a minute and the bigger aim of the clock itself gets fulfilled. That's why the minutes hand have to work less, as the seconds hand does most of the running around. The minute hand just has to make 60 movements on a clock dial. The hours hand is the luckiest of the lot. It just moves for 12 times in an hour. But the seconds hand moves for 3600 times around the dial for the same hour!
Parallel to this, in our life to we never realize that we have lots to do. Between every big task we can always find enough time to fit in a plethora of smaller tasks. If you are waiting for a train at the station, you can always start contemplating on God or Guru mentally or rather listen to sermons or hymns on your mobile or iphones. While traveling in the bus too one can find enough time to at least skim through the previous days notes.
Be like the clock. Always keep on ticking by involving yourself in various things that help increase your skills and purify your mind with positive thoughts. These small knowledge and experience modules will perhaps one day take you to your bigger goal some day. They say "Time and Tide waits for no man". If so, now stop staring at the screen and utilize your time effectively! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Be Vegetarian and Save Your Heart

As per multifarious studies, the rate of heart complains are high in non-vegetarians than in vegans. Non-vegetarian foods contain high contents of cholesterol which is the main cause of coronary heart diseases. Vegetarian food items are safe in this regard.

Vegetarianism, be vegan, vegetarian diet
The proteins said to be obtained from the animal products can be got by beans and pulses which don’t have cholesterol.
If you know the benefits of vegetarianism and defects of non-veg. items, I am sure you will be vegetarian. Apart from preventing coronary heart diseases, it prevents cancer of colon, constipation, piles, and anal fissures due to its high fiber content.
Provides antioxidants (vitamin A, C, E and other micronutrients) and also, vegetarian food, retards the process of aging and prevents all degenerative diseases.
As they are low in calories they help in reduction of weight which in turn prevents high BP, diabetes and arthritis of the knee and joints. Fiber also prevents absorption of cholesterol from intestines.
Vegetarianism, be vegan, vegetarian diet
Even the expenditure is less for Vegetarian food compared to non-vegetarian ones.

But only diehard vegetarianism is not good, one should be careful to choose the right kind of vegetarian food too. Diehard vegetarians like Jains and Agrawals have high rate of heart problems and diabetes. That’s due to the consumption of ghee and oil in high quantities.
Milk if not skimmed contains high quantity of cholesterol and fats (triglycerides); on the other hand oils don’t contain cholesterol but they are full of fats.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Acute Diseases are not Enemies but Friends

Gandhiji gave a name ‘Arogya ki Kunji’ to Prakritik Chikitsa. Nowadays there is continuous exploitation in the name of treatment. In the one hand the allopathic treatment system claims to have controlled over the diseases, in the other hand, new types of diseases are mushrooming.
Naturopathy not only cures the diseases but also makes one disease-free forever by the means of reforming his diet, and other healthy habits. We know of the far off things like that of stars, mountains, planets and rivers etc but we are oblivion of the nature and structure of our body and its surroundings.
Our body is made up of five basic elements: sky, air, fire, water and earth. Any disturbance in their proportions results in diseases. Due to our wrong habits there happens to be imbalance in them and the body becomes unable to remove the filth out of the body which is a necessary act for health.
To cop up with the problem, our body tries to remove the garbage, known as toxins, in the form of diseases known as acute diseases. Acute diseases are those which happen suddenly, remain for a short period but hard to endure.
Naturopathy believes in the healing power of the nature.  Our body itself cures the diseases when provided suitable environment. Thus the acute diseases are not enemies but they are friends to us and we should help the body to remove the toxins. 
We are ruined by the unnatural habit of taking medicine to cure the diseases which is enough to ruin the body itself. That’s why instead of taking recourse to allopathic medicines, we should try to create suitable atmosphere in the body and help to cure the disease by means of the application of the five elements.