Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Be Vegetarian and Save Your Heart

As per multifarious studies, the rate of heart complains are high in non-vegetarians than in vegans. Non-vegetarian foods contain high contents of cholesterol which is the main cause of coronary heart diseases. Vegetarian food items are safe in this regard.

Vegetarianism, be vegan, vegetarian diet
The proteins said to be obtained from the animal products can be got by beans and pulses which don’t have cholesterol.
If you know the benefits of vegetarianism and defects of non-veg. items, I am sure you will be vegetarian. Apart from preventing coronary heart diseases, it prevents cancer of colon, constipation, piles, and anal fissures due to its high fiber content.
Provides antioxidants (vitamin A, C, E and other micronutrients) and also, vegetarian food, retards the process of aging and prevents all degenerative diseases.
As they are low in calories they help in reduction of weight which in turn prevents high BP, diabetes and arthritis of the knee and joints. Fiber also prevents absorption of cholesterol from intestines.
Vegetarianism, be vegan, vegetarian diet
Even the expenditure is less for Vegetarian food compared to non-vegetarian ones.

But only diehard vegetarianism is not good, one should be careful to choose the right kind of vegetarian food too. Diehard vegetarians like Jains and Agrawals have high rate of heart problems and diabetes. That’s due to the consumption of ghee and oil in high quantities.
Milk if not skimmed contains high quantity of cholesterol and fats (triglycerides); on the other hand oils don’t contain cholesterol but they are full of fats.

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