Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Acute Diseases are not Enemies but Friends

Gandhiji gave a name ‘Arogya ki Kunji’ to Prakritik Chikitsa. Nowadays there is continuous exploitation in the name of treatment. In the one hand the allopathic treatment system claims to have controlled over the diseases, in the other hand, new types of diseases are mushrooming.
Naturopathy not only cures the diseases but also makes one disease-free forever by the means of reforming his diet, and other healthy habits. We know of the far off things like that of stars, mountains, planets and rivers etc but we are oblivion of the nature and structure of our body and its surroundings.
Our body is made up of five basic elements: sky, air, fire, water and earth. Any disturbance in their proportions results in diseases. Due to our wrong habits there happens to be imbalance in them and the body becomes unable to remove the filth out of the body which is a necessary act for health.
To cop up with the problem, our body tries to remove the garbage, known as toxins, in the form of diseases known as acute diseases. Acute diseases are those which happen suddenly, remain for a short period but hard to endure.
Naturopathy believes in the healing power of the nature.  Our body itself cures the diseases when provided suitable environment. Thus the acute diseases are not enemies but they are friends to us and we should help the body to remove the toxins. 
We are ruined by the unnatural habit of taking medicine to cure the diseases which is enough to ruin the body itself. That’s why instead of taking recourse to allopathic medicines, we should try to create suitable atmosphere in the body and help to cure the disease by means of the application of the five elements. 

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