Sunday, July 3, 2011

Misconceptions about Yoga

There are two or three common misconceptions about Yoga prevalent in the world. The first one relates to its etymology. The word “Yoga” has become popular these days. But it is wrongly spelt, as the actual word mentioned in our scriptures is “Yog,” and not “Yoga.”
The second misconception is about the interpretation of its meaning. Many people have very
little knowledge about Yoga, and mistakenly believe it be something mystical that cannot be practiced by common people. Others who know a little about Yoga confine it to the mere practice of āsans, which are actually just one of the branches of Yoga.
But in reality, neither of these notions comes close to the true meaning of Yoga. As mentioned above, Yoga is the practical science which paves the surest way to peace, prosperity, harmony, and happiness.

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