Monday, February 27, 2012

Remembrance of Past Lives

Swami Mukundananda unfolding the the secret of past lives
Memories of past lives are wiped out in the process of death and then rebirth. It is said that death and birth are such painful experiences for the soul that they erase Spiritual Dialectics memories of the previous life. Some residual memories do remain, but usually not for long. As the child grows up, the impressions of the present life are so strong that they erase lingering memories of the past life.
Past lives and Rebirth - A Mystery for People
If God’s design had been different, and we could have remembered our past lives, we could not have lived normally in the present. If a child could remember that he was his mother’s grandfather in his previous life, how would he behave like her child? However, there are exceptions to the rule. Occasionally, there are children who continue to remember their past life even as they grow up. Their statements about their previous lives have been corroborated by scientific investigations.
A British scientist, Harry Price, did research on this for fifty years. He then presented evidence about rebirth in his book “Fifty Years of Psychical Research.” Another scientist, Dr. Richards, has also given many evidences in his book, “Thirty Years of Psychical Research.” An American scientist, Professor Stevenson, came to India three times to check evidences. He wrote that he came across actual cases of children who remembered their previous lives. In fact, such children have existed in all cultures, even in countries that are primarily atheistic. Here are the names of a few such children whose statements regarding their previous life have been investigated and found to be true:
Cuba : Rachale Grande
USA : Rosenberg
Japan : Katsu Gori
France : Thirijage
Austria : Alexandrana Samona
Australia : Earnest Brig
Denmark : Luna
Brazil : Paulo Lauren
Sri Lanka : Ruby
India : Karimulla
Turkey : Ismail
Lebonan : Ahmed Elaver

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