Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Do you believe in God? Don’t believe.

Buddha with his disciples
Once, Buddha was with his disciples. A stranger came and asked, “Is there God?” Buddha replied, ‘No.’ He went away.  After a while there was another man to ask, “Isn’t there God?”  He answered, “Yes, there is”.  Buddha’s reply surprised his disciples. So after the man took his way, they asked Buddha to clear their doubts. He smiled and said that both were holding their own beliefs. One held the belief that there was God and the next with the belief that there was no God. And with beliefs people will never enquiry. Now doubts have arisen in their mind so they will start enquiry and may do some progress.
Beliefs are those concepts that they are like a baseless pitcher which is of no use. Use of that culminates only in sufferings, misery and hardships. Beliefs escape proofs. So they are unproven facts. It’s not that beliefs are always wrong conceptions. But as they are not tested we cannot rely on them.
Main problem with the beliefs is that when there is belief, the one with belief, does not want to test it. He supposes that whatever he believes is ok. So no need to be examined or experimented. It’s the trick that mind plays which can be revealed when it is asked to give proofs.
The Lord
People who believe and those who don’t believe both are in the same category. Both don’t want to come to experiment. In a way not believing is also a belief. Suppose someone believes in God that there is God. So he does not enquiry if there is God or not in reality. In the same way those who don’t believe in God also have a belief that the God is not there. And they also don’t like to go to experiment.
In this case those minds with doubts may come into use. But only bearing doubts and not trying to come out of it leads nowhere else than to futility.
There is one more disadvantage of belief that even if you move forward to experiment, your belief may intercept the Sadhana. Since your mind will superimpose the beliefs onto the realization and you may get distracted.  Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj declares that everybody should come and experiment to know about the God. Only believing and not believing will not do any good.


  1. Nice account of Lord Buddha...Several Meditation retreats are being held today to bring us to the realisation of our belief in God

  2. Meditation retreats are very inspirational and help us to get closer to God.