Friday, December 21, 2012

Yoga and Its Relation with the Environment

Nature has its own language of silence

As a man is just a part of the ecosystem, he can rarely survive without the backup and profound interrelationship with both the biotic and abiotic factors of the nature. Furthermore, we obtain all our daily needs from our surrounding including recreation, freshness, serenity and inspiration for our thoughts. But contrarily, it is not impossible that our self-interests to be prosperous and wealthy would surely fetch the day of doom at which we would have no options other than repentance and suffer to our worst. 
In a situation like this, one could pose a question- Is such only the consequence of our monetary attitude and exploiting inclination? That is not entirely what we all could conclude at all. Another thing is no coherence and harmony between the natural resources and the geometrically booming population. Until and unless the various way outs of the population management are found, all endeavors of safeguarding environment would go in vain. For the solution, every individual from every part of the world should have commitment of doing only eco-friendly activities giving up trifle, mercenary and political interests and behaving all the creatures as their fellow beings in this common spaceship – the Earth. 
The beauty of Yoga lies in the entity of nature !
To wrap up, humanity is on the verge of sinking and drowning; not so much by other creatures, but by its greed, shortsightedness and colossal stupidity. If we fail to take decisive action, if we fail to bring about the fundamental changes in our ways of thinking and doing politics, we just sink and drown. Each one should believe, “nothing is impossible to a willing heart.” So with selfless and non-violent motives, both the decision makers and the commoners ought to be united unanimously for changing this Earth into a haven. Let us fixate our mental focus on Rudyard Kipling’s environmental friendly poem – The Dykes- which has mocked at our folly of repetitive blunder time and again. 
“Now we can only wait till the day, wait and apportion our shame.
These are the dykes our fathers left, but we would not look to the same.
Time and again were we warned of the dykes, time and again we delayed.
Now, it may fall, we have slain our sons, as our fathers we have betrayed.”
Let’s not do any more blunders of throwing an axe into own legs.  Let’s get united and move ahead again to create a greener and cleaner community where all the floras and faunas will have a serene playground for surviving. Why not raise voice for international climate negotiations to collaborate with other nations to minimize GHGs emissions, stop ozone layer depletion and save ourselves and other creatures from several hazards? 


  1. So excellent article to show a deep interrelation ship between the Yoga and Environment !!! Great effort bro ! Keep it up !

  2. Great effort to show the in depth relation between Yoga and Environment bro ! So appreciable step to it !