Sunday, June 9, 2013


To break down the nutrients and kill the harmful particles engulfed with the food in the stomach, there are some glands which secrete acid. The proportion of acid secretion depends on various conditions like irregular food habits, the type of food taken, vagaries of time and sensual over indulgence etc. Taking too much of fast food, pungent food, sour food, too much of tea, coffee, alcohol, or certain chemical drugs like pain-relieving and anti arthritic drugs cause more secretion of the acid. Regular over secretion of the acid due to the above reasons; the mucous membrane of the stomach which protects the abdominal wall from the acid gets challenged thus causing pain and discomfort. This state is called hyperacidity or Amla Pitta as said in Ayurveda.
Avoid acid producing foods like pungent, salty, hot, sour, dry ones and alcohol etc. and mental imbalances like anger, fear etc should be controlled.
Adhere to milk diet for several weeks, and drink warm water. The milk dose should be increased slowly to get digested well.
Don’t over eat; take moderate meals three times a day instead and even excess intake of sweets should be avoided since it helps to secrete.
Take pitta pacifying diet which contains bitter and astringent taste.
The best treatment is to have a glass of milk with two teaspoon of ghee in it. This should be taken either as dinner or after two hours of light dinner. This can also be taken as breakfast.
Avipattika choorna should be taken 3-6 grams with water before or during the meal.
Butter milk and fresh cereals should be avoided.
Coconut water is good in this condition. One spoonful of amla (emblica officinalis/Indian gooseberry), in powder form, should be taken, with lukewarm water, twice a day.

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