Friday, May 4, 2012


Less in Number of RBCs is anemia.
Though everybody’s answer to the question ‘whether they live to eat or eat to live’ would be the same, ‘Eat to live’. In fact people do not eat to live. They eat for eating, satisfying the taste buds.
Our body needs varieties of nutrients ranging from carbohydrates, proteins and fat to the number of vitamins and minerals. According to our body mechanism, we need different things in different quantities. It seems like we should think before eating. Due to the carelessness in the dieting, there arise so many disorders. One of them is anemia. Though excessive loss of blood or semen or malaria   is some other causes of anemia, uncontrolled and irrational diet is the main.
It is the condition where there are not enough RBCs in the blood. Tiredness, weakness, shortness of breath, lightheadedness and looking pale are some symptoms of this disorder.   
    Anemia can be treated at home.
  • Keep on drinking the juice of red tomatoes for some days.  This increases strength, alleviates tiredness and develops hunger.
  • Grind some cinnamons and black sesame in equal quantity and drink it mixed with half a cup milk or water.
  • Prepare a glass of sharbat (sherbet) with honey and drink it thrice a day.
  • Eat 8-10 ripe sweet peaches daily for some days.
  • Chew 10-15 cashews well and drink slightly hot milk instantly after it.
  • Eat 5-7 chikoos (sapota) one after the other. Continue it for next few days.
  • Drink a glass of bit juice three times a day.
  • Use carrot in salad every day. This is very helpful to fulfill the deficiency of vitamins.
  • To increase hemoglobin in the blood, take some juice of radish mixed with the juice of pomegranate in equal quantity.
  • Prepare half a cup of onion juice mixed with the same amount of honey in it and drink it well.  
  • Eat a few plums on a daily basis.

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