Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Health - Not the Mere Absence of Diseases !

Health is a universal sound state on all dimensions - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Disease or "dis-ease" can be taken as a absence of comfort in the body. Disease results when any cell does not function properly whether due to trauma, toxin formations in the body, lack of communication, etc. The main reason of disease is stress and the accumulation of toxic matters in our body. Stress tears down health resulting in disease and our body has to pay the price for defying the laws of nature. It is us who earn the disease as we create a favorable condition for the dieases to get way into our tissues and organs. We must "work" for disease.
Disease is nothing more than the body responding to the wrong we have committed. It is the body's attempt at keeping us away from the toxins and traumas we have earned with violation of the laws of nature. Pathological changes are the cell's response to stress. The tissue changes which result in diseases, are the outward manifestation of internal compensation to stress and accumulated toxins. Until the cause is treated, the condition will remain in one form or another.
Naturopathic healing is a distinctively natural way to health and healing that centers on the integrity of the whole person. It emphasizes on multiple levels to look at: lifestyle, dietary habits, emotions and thinking patterns. These all facets have a great a relationship with the symptoms that are visible in our body. Whether we believe it or not, our body knows how we got sick, why we got sick and how to heal us.

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