Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bottle Gourd Juice - Your Heart Saviour

Bottle Gourd - the heart Saviour
   Bottle gourd is little familiar to the western countries but it is often used in Indian cookery. Bottle gourd (doodhi/ lauki) is getting popular throughout the world due to its remedial properties. For thousands of years, bottle Gourd juice has been used in Ayurvedic medicines to treat various problems. Bottle gourd is a great source of phosphorous, fiber, potassium, iron, sodium, and vitamin. It has very less amount of calories fat and cholesterol. 
   It has a number of uses for its health benefits. One of the most significant uses is in heart problems. Even one can be saved from bypass surgery!
Juice of Bottle Gourd
- Take a fresh bottle gourd (as it is without peeling the skin).
- Wash it in clean water. Grate it well. Grind this in the grinder.
- While grinding put 7 leaves of Tulsi and 5 mint leaves.
- Filter this in cotton cloth to separate juice.
- The juice should be about 125 grams.
- Add 125 gram of water so as to make it 250 grams.
- Then add 4 grinded peppers and a gram of rock salt.

  • Drink three times a day, in the morning, at day time and at night – after at least half an hour of food. First three-four days, it can be taken a bit less in quantity(less than 250 ml). When your body gets adjusted with this then start taking the full dose (250 ml). In the beginning, this juice works on the gastro-intestinal tract to correct its anomaly, so you may feel little uncomfortable. But don’t bother—continue the dose.
  • This should be continued for two three months according to your need. And afterwards, the dose can be limited to taking once or twice a day according to the necessity.
  • Don’t drop the medicine at once. Both the juice therapy and medicine should be continued side by
    Bottle Gourd to Purify the Blood.
    side with the gap of one to two hours.
  • Everyday five – six kilometers of comfortable walk should be done in the morning or evening. Or else it can be divided into two—in the morning and evening. Don’t over-exert.
  • Sour items should be avoided. Avoid curd with cream. Non-veg items and any intoxicating items like alcohol and smoking etc. should not be taken.
  • Food at night should be taken at least three hours before sleep.

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