Sunday, January 1, 2012

High BP - Troubling One Fourth Population

Watermelon with its medicinal seeds.

Garlic the BP controller.
   Almost one fourth of the adult-population is suffering from high blood pressure. It is that poor physical condition which leads to serious ailments like heart attacks, kidney failure and diabetes, etc. And even more dangerous is that it may secretly develop inside you without your knowing. Every year, approximately 7.1 million people die of high BP. The main cause of it is the inactive, unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. Changing your life style is the best way to control this condition.
    Here are some easy tips which may work as panacea if applied in your life to control such fatal condition.
- Drink two – three glass of watermelon juice mixed with a bit of rock salt or pepper every day.
- Dry watermelon seeds in the shadow and Grind it. Take two teaspoon of it and mix in a glass of boiled water. After one hour, filter it well and drink slowly. This can be taken four times a day.
- Use henna (Mehandi) on your palms and soles of the feet from time to time.
- Take garlic, onion and ginger in equal quantity. Crush them well. Take about 10 gram of it every morning and evening.
- Make a habit of eating ripe papayas every day. Among all the fruits this works wonder in high BP.
- Use rock salt in place of common salt.
- Peel half a kilo of garlic, dry them out for 4-5 days in the sun light. Then put them in a bottle of glass with honey to the extent of penetrating the upper surface of the garlic. Keep this in the sun for 15 days. Then have two loves two times a day.
– Every morning and evening drink a glass of milk. Using this method for some days helps in both the high and low blood pressures.
- Light exercise like comfortable walking should be done in daily basis.
- Some of the pranayams like Anulom-Vilom, Bhramari, Shyam Uchcharan, Sheetali and Sheetkari should
Watermelon Seeds
be practiced every day.
- Maintaining relaxed mind helps a lot in high BP, practicing meditation two times a day helps to get your mind relax.
- Food should be fresh and simple – with not too much oil and spices.
- Use Auto-Suggestion method – think, “I am active, I am energetic. Situations come and go, problems come and get solved, I am the child of God. Neither any problems nor any situations can disturb and distract my mind.”

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