Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to Control the Mind ?

Shree Krishna giving tips to control the mind.
1. Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad Geeta, “dhyayato visayan pumsah – By meditating (thinking) on the sense objects, one develops attachment for them and from such attachment lust develops”.

2. Mind is doing 3 functions – Thinking, Feeling and Willing. Mind’s main function is producing sense enjoyment thoughts. If one allows those thoughts to go further, then it will turn in to feeling. Once if it reaches feeling stage, then it is difficult to control it, automatically it will go to willing stage and then execution. What we should do is, as soon as any bad thoughts sprouts out then immediately we should chant God's Name with his remembrance continuously in the mind. Then those bad thoughts will be gone. This process should be done firmly whenever any bad thoughts originate in our mind. Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Geeta states, “abhyasena tu kaunteya – by constant practice one can control the mind .” Lord Krishna is talking about this type of practice only i.e., whenever any bad thoughts appears, we should chant God's Name with rememberance in the mind.

3. That is why Krishna is saying, “yato yato niscalati manah cancalam asthiram”. From whenever the mind fluctuates, one must withdraw it and bring it back under the control of the self. We should never allow the mind to go on a thoughts trip. That is dangerous. Results will be bad.

4. Mind’s is like a factory where whatever input we give, we will reap the output accordingly. We are also having a mental factory. Inputs are sense enjoyment thoughts. These thoughts are processed it comes out as desire. Like a commander General who is very vigilantly watching on top of the castle, for the progress of enemy’s camp. Similarly, we should be vigilantly watching our thoughts and change it to Hare Krishna chanting if it is bad thoughts.

5. That is why Krishna is saying “ mayyeva mana adatsra – just fixate your mind on me”.
Swami Mukundananda lecturing on how to divert the mind toward God
6. Also Krishna says, “tasmat sarvesu
kalesu mama anusmara - Always think of me”. Thinking is the action of mind. Thinking about Krishna’s pastimes and chanting Hare Krishna in the mind both are same only.

7. H. H. Swami Mukundananda says that mind is like a devil. In that story Yogi controlled the ghost by giving standing instruction i.e., climbing the ladder up and down permanently. Whenever any work is there, Yogi told the Brahman to use the ghost for the work. After the work is over, ghost will do climbing again. Similarly whenever any work is there, mind can be concentrated on it. When there is no work, mind should be engaged in chanting God's Name continuously. In this way, mind can be engaged constantly.

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  1. We can fixate our mind on God by various methods. As said by Swamiji : Shravan, manan and Kirtan as in listening, contemplating and chanting.