Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Who is a True Guru ?

The Fifth Original Jagadguru - Swami Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj 1008
The word “guru” has now been adopted by the English language as well, and so we hear terms such as Marketing guru, Economics guru, Finance guru, etc. However, when you refer to the true Guru, you are enquiring about the spiritual connotation of the word as described in the scriptures. The meaning of the word “Guru” is:
Swami Mukundananda Ji
gu śhabdastvandhakārasyāt ru śhabdastannirodhakaḥ
andhakāra nirodhatvāt gururityabhidhīyate (Advaya Tārakopanishad 16)
“The syllable “gu” means “darkness,” and “ru” means “to destroy.” Hence, one who dispels our nescience and brings to us the light of true wisdom is the Guru. The true Guru must have two qualifications. Firstly, he or she should possess theoretical knowledge of the scriptures—this is called Śhrotriya. Secondly, he or she should have realized that knowledge and be seated in the Truth—this is called Brahm Niṣhṭh.
Hence, a true Guru is one who is both—Śhrotriya and Brahm Niṣhṭh. In these, the second criterion is most important, i.e. the Guru must be God-realized. Only one who has attained God can help others attain Him. If one is a beggar himself, how can he give money to others; if one has no knowledge himself, how can he teach others? If one has not attained the Bliss of Divine love, how can he give it to others? Hence, a Guru who has attained God is the true Guru, and such a Spiritual Master is called “Sadguru,” or “One who is seated in the Truth.”

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