Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fasting a Panacea to Good Health

Fasting generally means to leave eating.  It is not that you eat food and automatically gain energy. Our body has to use energy to digest the food we ingest. When there is a problem in our body we lose appetite which is the signal from Nature that we should start fasting. If we regard the order of Nature then it will start helping you to cure the diseases. During the period of disease, our body needs energy to cure them but when we eat food the energy is divided and thus neither the food is digested nor is the disease cured. Instead the problem gets severe.
In case of any wound or fever animals leave eating, so they are cured pretty soon. But it is the intelligent humans who in place of leaving food take medicines only to worsen the situation.  During fast our body gets enough time to remove the wastes out of it since there is not extra burden of digesting food.
During the fast water is taken in sufficient quantity which helps purify the systems especially the digestive system which is of the most importance. Since the disease first starts with the problems in the digestive system.
Though you don’t have any disease right now, it does not mean that you will not have it in the future. If you want to avoid it, start fasting.
Duration of the fast can vary from person to person depending upon his/her will power and body condition. The duration ranges from half or one days to one month. We should take proper guidance for the fast of longer periods. But the half-day or one day fast does not require that much knowledge and guidance. Just avoid meal and keep on drinking a glass of water in every one hour. But while breaking the fast you should eat only easy to digest meal i.e. normal meal; avoiding the oily and spicy ones.
It is well known fact that if you observe fasting once a week, you are easily saved from so many diseases. And it is compulsory to leave the food at the time of illness. Thus it is at your hands to be become sick or healthy.

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