Monday, April 9, 2012

Way to Eliminate the Mind Waves

Mind waves like the ripples on the pond

Sage Patanjali defines Yoga as the discipline that transforms our mind into a clear surface capable of reflecting whatever it is directed at. Take for example – if the surface of the lake is still, you can use it as a mirror to reflect objects. If you throw a stone into the lake, ripples appear that distort the reflected images. The lake is the representation of the mind and ripples are the fluctuations of the mind or mind waves.
When these mind waves can be appropriate for the purpose of survival, they present an obstacle if we want to recognize our innermost nature. The mind wave s have to cease and the mind has to still in order for us to reflect on our deepest core. The same mind is called antahkaran (inner instrument) in Samkhya Charita. Just like body is outer instrument, antahkaran is the inner instrument consisting of three constituents:
  • Manas (The mind or thinking principle),
  • Ahamkar (Ego or Egoity), and
  • Buddhi (Intellect or Intelligence)
Cessation of the mind waves with Meditation on God
It collects sensory input, compares it with previous data and makes a decision as to what the object identified probably is. Just for example, a rope in the darkness can be mistaken for a snake, or a post in the distance for a man. The mind speedily processes sensory data for the purpose of survival, and in this process accuracy is lost. The mind is constantly telling us to react and as a result we hardly ever take the tie to stop and understand what is really happening.
“Aham” means I and “kara” means caster or maker. Together they mean “I-maker.” The ego is the agent that owns the perceptions of the thinking principle. Ego says “It is I” who is perceiving the object and it is “I” who has to proceed to the safety from the object. Otherwise “I” will be dead.”
It means intelligence or intellect which refers to awakening.
Yoga is the process of refining, sharpening and enhancing the intellect till we can realize ourselves as Soul and connect it to God. Although Samadhi is the ultimate destination of Yogic Practice, it is only through the God’s Grace (which is possible only through the Ishwara Pranidhan – surrender to God) that it is possible. However the wisest Yogi does not limit himself in the area of Samadhi, rather he wishes for God’s Service which is the ultimate of all the souls. The desire for God’s service can offer the Yogi real and permanent happiness which is ever increasing and eternal.

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  1. Nice article. No doubt Yoga and meditation greatly benefit the mind and body. I turn to yoga often to relive the stress in my body.