Monday, April 16, 2012

Home Remedies for “Indigestion / Disliking the Food”

It is the fact that everybody wants to remain healthy. But we are careless in its maintenance. Due to so many reasons like eating unwholesome foods, wrong sleeping pattern, wrong thinking etc we become susceptible to a number of diseases which weaken our digestive system and in turn there is less or no interest in food. 
We often visit an allopath doctor in such cases only to make the situation worse. The allopathic medicine is losing its charm among the people who are aware of the true body mechanism.  The wise deals with home-made medicines to improve the situation:
  • Using banana as vegetable item helps to increase digestion.
  • Cut a lemon into two equal halves, put some black salt on the surface and fry it in the hot ash before sucking. It should be sucked as hot as possible.
  •  Mix some amount of ginger juice with the same amount lemon juice or salt and have it.
  • Grind two lavangas (cloves), put it into half a glass of boiling water. Drink it when it gets cooled. This should be repeated three times a day and must be continued for some days.
  • Having yogurt mixed with some fried cumin and ground pepper daily cure the indigestion very soon.
  •  Cut the onion and take with some lemon drops juice while having food.
  •   Put some sugar candy in radish juice and have every day to remove the sour-belching problems. 
  • Ground ajwain (carom seeds) with some common salt mixed in water and drinking every morning helps a lot to cure digestive problems.

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