Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Be Insane for God

If you want to be insane, be it not for the transitory things of the world. Be insane with the Love of God. Let your heart contract for Him just like a miser yearns for wealth and riches. Just a drowning man pants hard for breath, similarly you must long for God to get His Grace and Bliss. Read the following incident that occurred between a Saint and His disciple:
Once a Saint was walking along the seashore. At the same time, His disciple approached Him and inquired Him, “Guruji, how can I realize God?” The Saint directly walked into the sea with His disciple and asked him to take a dip into the water. As he was inside the water, the Saint caught him by his neck and kept him in the water forcefully. After two minutes, he released him, and asked him, “Can you tell me your feeling right now?” His disciple answered, “I felt as if my eleventh hour had come.” Then, the Saint told, “You will surely attain and see God when your heart pants for Him as it has panted for a breath of air just as you were in the water.”

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