Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Natural and Healthy Eating

  • Be mindful of the wholesomeness of food.
  • Chew food properly. Remember the formula "Drink your food and eat your water."
  • Eat only when you feel a real hunger.
  • Avoid eating when hurried or harried.
  • Do not eat or drink food when it's too hot or too cold.
  • Foodstuffs should be close to their natural state as much as possible. For e.g., the same fruits when freshly plucked from the farm will have more vitality and nutrients than those from a cold storage.
  • Never forget to offer the food to God prior to eating.
  • Dinner should be taken three hours prior to sleep.
  • Food should be neither cold or nor hot.
  • Chew the food properly as it helps digestion process perfectly.
  • Give more priority to sprouted lentils, gram, soyabin, peanuts, etc. should that your body gets proper amount of fibre and nutrients.

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