Friday, November 4, 2011

Germs do not Trigger Ailments

According to Dr. Stanley Davidson, “Germs do not cause disease but they appear in the same way as flies do when garbage is lying about. If there is no garbage or filth lying about, then often flies do not appear.” The same case occurs in our body. No one who is clean and healthy internally can be affected by germs and become the victim of germ infection. So, it is the cleansing of rubbish which is required in the treatment of ailments. Germs automatically quit the body when toxic substances are removed.
The main causes of ailments are –
  1. wrong feeding
  2. improper care of the body, and
  3. wrong lifestyles
Thereby, ailments are the outcomes of man’s own follies and mistakes which the nature is trying her best to rectify for him.

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