Monday, November 7, 2011

Mental and Transcendental Happiness

It is no secret that we all seek a happy, satisfying and trouble free life. The hope of an ‘elixir of all ills’ that makes us instantaneously healthy and blissful is high in the modern world. We know all too well that such a panacea is but a mythical concoction. A realistic approach might be to try and find solace by leading a balanced life in a healthy social environment. On another plane, people find personal and spiritual development in the form of Yoga, meditation, devotion and related techniques.

The benefits of Yoga and meditation need no introduction, and are known the world over. There are many other systems that people follow in order to develop their personality, health and fortune. However, personal experience tells us that these practices have not helped us develop our spiritual quotient. We are still plagued by mental afflictions such as desire, anger, lust, jealousy and an inflated ego. Even though we may have perfected many asans and meditations techniques, there still exists a void that we cannot explain or fill. True happiness has evaded us, although the eagerness to search for it has not diminished.

Unless we address the fundamental problems that affect our minds, real happiness will continue to elude us.

The Garudpuran says,

‘Yog’ is the union of the soul with God. For this union, the participation of the mind is of prime importance. It is the mind that needs to be united with God. A soul attains true happiness when it unites with God.

The Panchadashi says,

“The mind alone is the cause of bondage and liberation”

Performing penance, austerity and Yogasans alone will not fetch us the true happiness or bliss that we seek. Yogasans can ensure a very healthy body, but cannot treat the disorders of the mind. Meditation, if practiced as per the Vedic scriptures can lead us on the right path and give us the true benefit. Without the complete involvement of the mind, true ‘Yog’ cannot be achieved. Hence, the mind needs to be fixed on God for any of these Yogic techniques to be effective.

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