Friday, November 4, 2011

Evil Impacts of Drugs

Naturopaths consider that antibiotics, vaccines, anti-toxins, etc. have after effects in the body. In spite of eliminating the toxins and poisons from our body, the blind trend of popping up different drugs is forcing the same toxins and poisons along with the storage of the drugs, vaccines, etc. again into our body. It is not by the drugs that people become well, but by body’s recuperative power and vitality to bear the side effects of the drugs.

Habitual taking of pain killers like aspirin, phenacetin, novalgin, ultragin, decold, etc. directly disturbs the vital organs like heart, stomach, kidneys, etc. resulting in chronic ailments later. Frequent intake of such antibiotics triggers skin eruptions, allergies, nervous disorders, and so on in our body system. Excessive consumption of sedatives, anodynes or pain killers paralyses the nerve action. By popping up drugs, patients may feel better for a short period of time, but they are going to face greater risks in the future as their side effects. Hence, the drug is not the way to better health but it is the way to further ailments.

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