Friday, November 25, 2011

Soul Exists Forever

Vedas reveal that the soul continues to exist forever. From the different studies, we know that there was life on earth before our birth and society continues after someone dies. So we know that the soul must continue to remain in existence. Where it goes nobody knows except the higher authorities – Saints, but the guarantee is that somewhere rebirth will take place in some type of body. The soul enters the next kind of body as per the desire and attachments created in the past lives. Matter is considered the playing field where the jiva, or individual living entity, gets to act out its desires.

Lord Shree Krishna says to Arjun “Besides this inferior nature, O mighty-armed Arjun ! There is a superior energy of Mine, which are all living entities who are struggling with material nature and are sustaining the universe.” (Bhagavad-Gita 7.5)


  1. Dear Swamiji pranaamaas,
    If the soul is going to take birth elsewhere,then rebirth is assured. Then what is the sanctity of doing shraaddha karmaas? Is it for soul or body? If it is for body, it has already vanished, and if it is for soul it has already taken birth elsewhere. Then to whom this shraaddha karmaas?
    Kindly clear my doubt.
    With respects,

  2. Dear Prakash Narasimhaiah Ji

    Your query is so inquired of spiritual question for different Sadhakas. Soul never takes birth as it's the fragment of God. Plz be clear that it's the desiring mind which has become deluded for eternal lives due to which soul has to suffer. Soul alone can't exist. It needs body to act out either you be God realized or come into the mortal world.

    We will never suffer when we are God realized but if no enlightenment then we are forced to have the body that we are possessing and have to suffer due to own false desires of the mind ....................

    1. The Gem I have picked up from the reply above is "'s (soul) the fragment of God...." Being new to spritualism, I have failed to see it that way. With this thought I feel connected to God every moment, allowing me to feel the presence of His grace all the time. Thanks.

  3. The gem I have picked up from the reply above is "... it's (soul) is fragment of God ...." This way of thought has put me unbelievably close to God; and every moment of day I feel His grace being showered on to me. Thanks for the enlightenment. Vijay Sood