Monday, November 7, 2011

How to Remain Mentally Happy and Fearless ?

To remain mentally free, happy, and fearless with health of par excellence, we should practice the exercise of both the body and mind. If we combine the Spiritual aspect in both the exercise of mind and body, then it is so easy to get dual benefits of physical health and mental satisfaction which is internal than the temporary happiness that we feel for a short period of time from the worldly things, relations, dealings, profit, and so many other things.

Spirituality means always feeling the presence of God and His Grace upon us every moment. As it refers to the practice of remembering Him and taking support of him , the first thing is becoming very alert in doing the things of the world so that we remain safe from the impact of the happenings of the world that we have to pass through every day. So, Spirituality is not a one-time effort, and if we are desirous of results, we must allot time for it on a daily basis. Here are some guidelines to incorporate in your daily schedule:

  • Do your spiritual sadhana for one hour every day. This can include meditation, kirtan chanting, prayer and arati. Endeavor to achieve success in the practice of roop dhyan meditation.
  • Devote another half to one hour for wellbeing of the body through the practice of Yoga. This can also include a walk/run.
  • After completing your basic worldly duties, if you have any time remaining, use it judiciously. Use it for Shravan (hearing), Manan (contemplating), and Nididhyasan (internalizing) the gems of knowledge you receive from your spiritual teacher. Revise the knowledge from the books/cds/TV lectures, etc.
  • Create a spiritual environment around you that helps take your mind to God. Put up Divine pictures on the walls of your house. Keep the bhajan cds and Radio JKYog (the free 24-hour internet radio) playing in your free moments.
  • Make it a point to attend the JKYog congregational satsang, to enhance your enthusiasm in the sublime association of other like-minded devotees.
  • Practice experiencing the presence of God even while you do your worldly duties.