Friday, November 4, 2011

How to Remain Healthy throughout Life

As the famous dictum goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” However when a person falls ill due to weak immunity, it is his vital force that has gone low or at low ebb. The vital force is the storehouse of our strength, vigor, and ebullience. A sickly or pale face or a persistent headache or malfunctioning bowels are the signs of weak vital force. By maintaining it, ailments can be pushed to the bay. Nonetheless there are very simple and easy rules one has to observe – such as sound sleep, fresh air, sunlight, and clean habits.

Sound Sleep: Sound sleep – in itself a best medicine - is the best source of maintaining our vital force of the body. It gives comfort from day time’s labor and recuperates the required energy for the next day. Infants sleep 20 hours out of 24 hours, however adults need minimum 6 – 8 hours of sleep as per their labor in the office or work. Best way to regulate sleep is as per “early bed and early to rise makes a man healthy and wise.” Therefore, prior to sleep, we should discard all the tensions and worries that are going on in our mind.

Sunlight: An individual without sunlight looks pale, wan, and ill-like. Even the people in cold countries take sun-bathing for cosmetic reasons. Plants can’t survive without sunlight as they prepare their food by taking heat energy of light in the day time. So, sunlight is mandatory for revitalizing the human body.

Air: A man may survive without water and food for some days, but he can’t exist even for a few seconds without it. The oxygen in the air helps to purify our blood and ready energy needed for different tissues and cells. So, to maintain the proper functioning of the body, it is a must to keep our rooms well ventilated. We should not forget to breathe in deeply and exhale deeply while we are awake. The best way to train ourselves to inhale and exhale deeply is to practice different types of pranayams on a regular basis either in the morning or evening time. The best way to activate our vital force is to inhale deeply for 1-2 minutes prior to meals and also before sleep.

Water: Water is one of the basic needs that helps cleansing our body and helps maintain our health. We should drink potable water early in the morning, before going to bed, and one hour after and prior to taking meals. It is pretty good to take a bath with cold water as it offers us a heavenly freshness by circulating the blood to different parts of the body.

Food: Food ingested in its natural form is the surest way to keep our vital force in the body strong and resistive. The more the food is cooked or fried, the more is the loss of nutrients from it. A greater part of our food should have fruits and vegetables. It is wise and healthy to consume cereals only after sprouting them as most of the protein gets converted into vitamin c – which is very useful for our health.

Mental Make-up: Mental make-up and health are intimately interrelated. We should try to probe our thoughts that keep on going in our mind – be very cautious with the negative emotions like anger, malice, worry, anxiety, etc. and be neutral toward them. A man inflicted with these negative thoughts can be easily identified as he has fast pulse rate, dry mouth, a purple face and high blood pressure in his body.

The best way to keep ourselves peaceful and smiling is auto suggesting that we are not body, we are soul that is the fragment of God; if God is blissful, then why should we be unnecessarily tensed, anxious for the worldly things and cry for the loss and profit of the world or somebody’s disrespect and abuse on us? Thus, it is very necessary to make a positive and spiritual mentality to maintain our health and keep up the vital force strong and resistive.

Lifestyle: Our way of life should be as per the principle of Mahatma Gandhi “Simple living and high thinking.” Surely enough, our way of life leaves its imprint on our health dimension. As excessively indulgence in anything exacerbates our vital force, we should be away from addictions and try to remain neat and tidy both physically and ethically. We should try to be contended with whatever we have got from God and try to be totally away from rat race and cut-throat-competition for money. To keep our regular habits, we should sleep, eat, exercise, fast, etc. as per own set routine so that vital force in the body remains strong and life span gets extended naturally.

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