Friday, November 4, 2011

Lemon Juice – Remedy for Several Ailments

There are 20 different varieties of lemon found in the world. The juice of them can be used as a remedy for purifying the blood, for rubbing into the scalp against falling hair and as a tonic to our scalp. From antiquity, the cover of the lemon is chewed to cleanse the teeth and tonic for gums.

Lemon juice is mainly recommended for to rid the body of accumulated poisons and debris. This juice is also helpful in stomach troubles, urinary disorders, piles, boils, and skin eruptions. Naturopaths also prescribe pure lemon juice for diabetics. Jaundice and clotting of arteries by cholesterol are controlled by prolonged course of drinking lemon juice. Many diseases of the respiratory system can be controlled by regular drinking of lemon juice in their diet.

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