Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ten Basic Principles of Naturopathy

  1. The body can heal itself with its own vital/life force.
  2. The main trigger of disease is up and down of vital force in the body.
  3. The accumulation of the morbid matters triggers the ailments.
  4. The acute ailment in itself is the remedial process.
  5. Germs don't trigger ailments.
  6. Although food is the building material, it does not increase the vitality.
  7. Fasting never cures the ailments but create the environment to heal those ailments.
  8. Exercises or physical activities like Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation, etc. keep the balance between nutrition and drainage.
  9. External treatments, no matter what pathies or therapies they are, provide only relief. They never cure the any ailments.
  10. The patient’s own desire to get well, determination, and faith in nature’s healing power play a significant role in healing process.

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