Friday, November 4, 2011

Laughter Therapy - Hasyasans

Laughter is a kind of Yogic exercise too. Practicing to laugh in daily life and while doing exercises such as Yoga brings self-confidence, roots out negative thoughts like jealousy, fear, anger, etc. Nowadays there are several laughter clubs opened at different places to benefit all the people without any cost. However certain precautions should be followed up before undertaking the laughter therapy. People suffering from hernia, advanced piles, eye problems, tuberculosis, respiratory problems, and those who have just undergone any surgical operation have to omit it or take suggestions of doctors.
Laughter offers several health benefits - a sense of wellbeing by releasing endorphins and neuropeptides. It naturally makes one inhale more oxygen and makes people feel better. Basically, stress is reduced significantly, resulting in the muscle relaxation, soothing headaches, body aches and different muscular problems. It is estimated that after 10 minutes of laughter, blood pressure drops by 10-20 mm mercury due to the dilation of the blood vessels. So, it is a panacea for patients of hypertension. Similarly, the immunity system gets improved which has been shown by the experience of thousands of laughter club members with their control of cough and cold.
Laughter has other several benefits too. It has already verified itself as solid healing as a strong anti-stress factor by reducing asthmatic attacks, improving stamina, reliving arthritic pain, offering good sleep, depression (increases serotonin levels), etc.

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