Friday, November 25, 2011

Love Saints

Love a saint like you love and believe God. God is not present personally and never reveals to us. It is very arduous to persuade a worldly mind to contemplate on God who cannot seen, heard, smelt, felt or touched by our mayic means. The easiest and ultimate way is to sincerely keep chanting the Holy Names and purify mind, so that we learn to revive our forgotten affinity with the Divine Beloved. By doing this, God blesses us by sending a Saint to us.

The moment our mind gets attached to a Saint, we will start realizing how happy we is like taking a bath in the Holy Ganges constantly. The more we think of Him, the more our mind gets cleaned. Quite contrarily, the more we think of the world, our minds your minds get dirty and pure. The mind is very powerful and vacillating that we can hardly tame it. So we have to always be careful whom and to what we get attached to, because to the extent of that attachment, we take on their qualities, good or bad.

We should spend certain time to train the mind to connect to the Saints and God. It is not easy as our mind is always accustomed to mayic attachments. However, if we persevere to do with both will power and His Grace, we can succeed in creating love to the Saints and develop paramount faith that ultimately liberates us from Mayic Snare of birth, death and rebirth and be Blissful permanently in the Abode of God.

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