Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stage 1 – Preparation

Lie down in Shavasan, keeping your hands on the ground with the palms facing upward, toward the sky. A gap of about 1/2-1 foot should be maintained between your feet. Keep your eyes closed; preferably, an eyeshade, handkerchief, or a piece of cloth should be used to cover your eyes completely. This is to avoid disturbing factors such as light, insects, etc. from disturbing your concentration.

Place your neck, hands, torso, waist, and other limbs in a comfortable position so that you will not need to adjust them later due to any discomfort or pain. Keep your eyes closed till the end; use a piece cloth if needed. Your breathing should be normal and rhythmic. Stop all movements in your body.

Relax your entire body. There should be no tension or tightness in any part of the body. Relax the toes of your feet. Let them free and loose. Relax your ankles and your lower limbs. Relax your knees and your thighs. Relax your waist or hips. Relax your stomach muscles and then your chest. Completely relax your fingers and your arms. Free your shoulders as much as you can. Relax your neck and finally your face. Relax all the muscles of your face and forehead. Thus, make your whole body totally relaxed.

You will now experience various sensations in the body. Develop the feeling that your body is getting heavier. Develop the feeling that the weight of every part of your body is increasing, and your body is slowly sinking into the ground. Be aware of the contact between your body and the ground.

Now, develop the opposite sensation. Feel that your body is becoming light. It is slowly becoming weightless and soon you can see yourself levitating in the air! You have now lost all your heaviness; now feel lighter than a dry leaf. Enjoy this feeling for a while.

Now, leave your body on the ground. Watch it from a few feet above; observe it lying calm and still. It is such a strange feeling! You are awake but your body is lying down below. It is like looking in the mirror. Look at your own body from head to toe. Look at your head. Look at your face. Observe your neck. Observe your shoulders. Watch your arms. Watch your hands. Watch your chest. Look at your stomach. Look at your hips. See your thighs. See your knees. Watch your feet. Observe your entire body from toes to head.

Your body has now become transparent. Look within your body. You are able to see the various organs functioning within your body. You can see your heart pumping blood. The blood is running in the veins and arteries throughout your body. Your lungs are breathing in and out, their muscles are expanding and contracting.

Your body is in perfect health, glowing with light and positive energy rays. Physically and spiritually, you are feeling rejuvenated.

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