Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Advantages of Pranayam

It is quite natural that one can derive several benefits, both physical and mental, by the regular and organized practice of Pranayam. The person who practices Pranayam in a routine and time-bound program of about 20-30 minutes, will certainly benefit from the following points that are mentioned briefly below:
  • The three doṣhas, viz. vāt, pitta, and kaph, get adjusted in harmonious proportion and the abnormalities in them are removed.
  • Digestive power gets toned and activated, and the various maladies pertaining to digestive organs are treated naturally.
  • Ailments pertaining to the lungs, heart, and brain are cured.
  • Other severe ailments like obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, constipation, flatulence, acidity, respiratory troubles, allergy, migraine, high blood pressure, diseases associated with the kidneys, sexual disorders of males and females, etc. are remarkably cured.
  • The problem of stress in the mind is solved as conditions like tension or depression are eliminated and a sense of satiety and vigor, or enthusiasm, appears.
  • There is a redemption from negative thoughts, which assists the mind to develop the inclination of creative and constructive thinking.
  • Immunity of the body increases immensely.
  • Hair loss, facial wrinkle, poor eyesight, ageing, absent-mindedness, etc. are cured slowly and naturally without any side effects.
  • There appears brilliance on practitioner’s face that brings a peaceful attitude to him.

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