Friday, October 28, 2011

Homeopath’s Healing

Homeopaths not only see the symptoms while examining the patients, but they also make enquiry on their physical and mental dimensions. Moreover, they consult homeopathic reference books—repertories—then considering the totality of symptoms, they undertake treatment of the patients. Homeopathic medicines consist of different animal, plant, mineral, and synthetic substances. For e.g. arsenic oxide, table salt, venom of a snake, opium, etc. At present, homeopathy uses nearly 3,000 different medicines. Homeopathic medicines are such dilution of the substances like plants, matters or even animals that emit different dynamic forces in the body in order to heal morbid disorder of the vital/life force in the body.

While preparing medicines for different ailments, Homeopaths use a process called dynamisation or potentization. In this process, they dilute the substance with alcohol or distilled water and then shake forcefully by ten hard strikes against an elastic body in a process which is called succussion. Homeopaths believe that the succussion activates the vital/life force of the diluted substance and empowers it more.

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