Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Marjari Asan (Cat Stretch Pose)

  • Sit in Vajrasan (See page 113).
  • Inhale (Radhey); lifting your buttocks off the floor, stand on the knees.
  • Now with an exhalation (Krishna), slowly lean forward.
  • Then, place both hands on the floor, in the line of shoulders, with the fingers facing forward.
  • Ensure your arms and thighs remain straight and the hands aligned with the knees.
  • Inhale (Radhey) while depressing (arching) the back and raise the head to look up at the ceiling.
  • As you exhale (Krishna), raise the spine upward to make it concave; simultaneously pull the stomach muscles in and also bring the chin downward to the chest.
  • This is one round; try it for up to 5-10 rounds.
  • Eventually, come to Shithil Dandasan (See page 117) and relax.
  • On the breaths synchronized with your bodily movements
  • On spontaneously remembering the sentient forms of “Radhey Krishna” along with your breathing
  • This is a very invigorating asan as it makes the spine, neck, and shoulders supple. 
  • It is a boon for women who are suffering from menstrual problems and leucorrhea (A thick, whitish discharge from the vagina or cervical canal, also called “the whites”). 
  • It alleviates bodily cramps during menstrual period.

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  1. May I know from which book is this article taken from? Where can I get the book?