Friday, October 7, 2011

Ardh Navasan (Half-Boat Pose)

  • Sit down with your legs outstretched and joined together in front; keeping the back erect, place your palms on the floor behind the buttocks, with the fingers pointing backward, i.e. Dandasan.
  • Now, interlock your fingers. Folding your arms, place them on the back of the head, exactly above the neck.
  • While inhaling (Radhey), recline your trunk backward, and simultaneously raise the legs from the floor with the knees locked and toes pointed upward.
  • Balance your body on your buttocks, with no other part of the body touching the floor.
  • Keep the legs at an angle of 30-40 degrees with the floor and the head in line with the toes.
  • Make sure you don’t slouch and your body does not shake or move while maintaining the perfect balance.
  • Stay in this position for 15-20 seconds with normal breathing.
  • With an exhalation (Krishna), slowly lower the legs to the floor and simultaneously bring the trunk back to the centre.
  • This is one round; do it for up to three rounds.
  • Finally, lower your arms gradually and come into Shithil Dandasan (See page 117) to relax.
  • On the breaths synchronized with the movements
  • On the stretch and strain of the abdomen and legs
  • On the balance
  • On the mentally uttering “Radhey Krishna” in your breaths
  • Ardh Navasan mainly strengthens and provides extra vigor to the back.
  • It is considered to be very effective on the intestines. 
  • For all child-bearing women, it is a great boon as it tones and massages the womb portion.

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