Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Singhasan (Lion Pose)

  • Slowly folding your legs, come to Vajrasan with the knees one foot apart.
  • Place your hands in the front, on the floor, between the knees, with the fingers spread and pointing toward the body.
  • Lock your elbows firmly; push the lower back forward and then tighten the neck.
  • Now, balance your body on the straightened arms, shifting the body-weight on them.
  • Fixing your eyes on the eyebrow centre, maintain the posture for as long as you are  comfortable with normal breathing.
  • Slowly, return to Vajrasan and then come to Shithil Dandasan and relax. 
  • On the stretch of the neck, lower back, and the arms
  • On realizing the presence of “Radhey Krishna” in front of you while inhaling and exhaling air
  • Singhasan exercises the liver and controls the flow of bile.
  • The strong pressure on the palms helps remove stress and tension. 
  • In addition, it maintains adequate blood supply and tones up the nerves.
  • If performed regularly, it helps develop concentration.

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