Friday, October 28, 2011

Diseases in the Concept of Homeopathy

Hahnemann forwarded the concept of “miasms” around 1828, which he believed as the fundamental trigger for several ailments. A miasm is a peculiar unwanted disorder of the vital /life force. A disease/ailment is an active noxious agent which affects and hinders a dynamic vital energy of the body. Hahnemann stated that miasm is the root trigger of several ailments. In his view, initial problem of miasms originates general symptoms, such as skin or venereal ailments. He also warned that if these symptoms are suppressed by Allopathic treatment, the trigger penetrates deeper and appear as ailments in the internal organs.

It is here that Homeopathy fully opposes Allopathic treatment as ailments are treated with direct suppression of the symptoms. This in the view of Homeopathy is ineffective and fruitless. While doing this, the main miasm remains untreated. Thus it is only by solving the problem of hindrance of the vital/life force, such deep-rooted ailments can be healed.

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