Friday, October 28, 2011

Role of Homeopathy in Cancer

When one has the symptoms of cancer, the cancer affected tissues or cells in the body overgrow abnormally without harmonizing with the normal tissues and cells. The case of cancer is just like the uncontrolled growth in case of tumor. It keeps on damaging the other useful tissues and cells like a destructive parasite. Nobody has found any reasons for such overgrowing of the tissues and cells uncontrollably.

Allopathic treatment is to remove that portion of the tissues by surgical operation. Nonetheless, some times the traces of the cancerous tissues or cells still remain and cancer can relapse. It is here that Homeopathy can assist in amending the dynamic disorder in the body. Homeopathic medicines can influence on the abnormal behavior of cancerous cells, resulting in making them behave normally. In this way, the abnormally behaving cancerous cells become gentle, simple and benign in character. Thereby, Homeopathy is a reliable and proven healing of cancer especially in the starting phase of cancer.

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