Friday, October 7, 2011

Ardh Matsyendrasan (Half Twist Pose)

  • Sit down with your legs outstretched and joined together in front; keeping the back erect, place your palms on the floor behind the buttocks with the fingers pointing backward, i.e. Dandasan. 
  • Fold the left leg and place the left foot flat on the floor against the outer side of the right thigh (near the right knee).
  • Fold your right leg and bring your right foot under the left buttock; also make sure the outer side of the lower right leg (especially the outer right foot) touches the floor and also not to sit on the heels.
  • Inhaling (Radhey), raise your right arm vertically and stretch the shoulders.
  • Exhaling (Krishna), twist the waist to the left and place the right arm on the outer part of the left knee.
  • Now, catch hold of either the left toes or the left foot with your right hand, resting the right triceps on the outer side of the left knee.
  • Move your left hand behind the back while twisting the trunk and head leftward, try to touch the right hip with your left hand.
  • Maintain the posture for 15-20 seconds with normal breathing.
  • Slowly letting go of your arms, come back to the starting position.
  • Repeat the method on the other side.
  • This is one round; do it for three rounds.
  • Finally, come to Shithil Dandasan and relax.
  • On the breaths synchronized with your bodily movements
  • On  the stretches and strains of the spine
  • On the movement of the abdomen
  • On always feeling the omnipresence of “Radhey Krishna”
  • Ardh Matsyendrasan tones up the spinal nerves to perfection and makes the back very flexible. 
  • Basically, it relieves backache and helps prevent the adjoining vertebrae to develop osteophytes. 
  • It even helps alleviate digestive ailments.
  • It is recommended for diabetics as well as it regulates the secretion of adrenaline and bile juice.
  • It is also helpful in curing cervical spondylitis, colitis, menstrual disorders, bronchitis, constipation, and sinus related cases, as long as it is done comfortably. 
  • It is an invaluable aid for rectifying sciatica, peptic ulcer, hernia, hyper thyroid, and slipped-disc condition—if done carefully under the guidance of a Yog expert.
  • Women who are in the second or third month of their pregnancy should not perform this asan.

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