Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Radhey Krishna Pranayams

Instead of performing the Pranayams merely at physical level, if practiced with the mind fixed on God in meditation they yield you threefold benefit viz. physical, mental, and spiritual. To remain absorbed in the contemplation of God, endeavor to chant the Divine Names of God along with the practice of the Pranayams. When the mind is in the Divine realm, the Pranayams you perform will be ten times more effective. It then is able to abolish all types of ailments – physical as well as mental. And along with that you will also have spiritual experience which makes you stable in every situation and will guide you for the further progress toward the Ultimate source of Happiness – God.

If you wish to remember the sweet forms of Radhey Krishna,then while breathing in, say ‘Radhey’ in your mind, and while breathing out, say ‘Krishna.’ If you wish, you can choose any other Names as well, such as “Seeta Ram,” Namah Shivay,’ ‘Mother Mary,’ ‘Wahe Guru,’ Namo Buddhaya,’ etc.

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