Monday, October 24, 2011

Naturopathy History

The tenets of Nature Cure (Naturopathy) were initially utilized by the Hippocratic School of Medicine around 400B.C. Before 25 centuries, Hippocrates said “Health is the expression of a harmonious balance between various components of man’s nature, the environment, and the ways of life - nature is the physician of disease.” However, origination of the Nature Cure is considered as Germany and other western countries with hydrotherapy (water cure). During that time, water cure meant Nature Cure. Around the mid of the 19th century, Vincent Priessnitz—credited as father of Naturopathy—popularized the water cure, one of the tools of Nature Cure.
Benjamin Lust—a German immigrant—first introduced Naturopathy to the US in the beginning of 20th century when he established the American School of Naturopathy. This institute highlighted on the use of natural cures, proper bowel habits, and personal hygiene as the tools for health. In spite of its decline between 1920 and 1940, it has got considerable popularity as a holistic treatment in the current time. At present, Naturopaths are license holders in many countries. They provide a variety of natural therapies like homeopathy, nutritional tips, traditional Chinese medicine, relaxation methods, herbal remedies, etc.

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