Sunday, October 9, 2011

Supt Vajrasan (Sleeping Thunderbolt Pose)

  • Sit in Vajrasan and place your hands on the thighs.
  • While inhaling (Radhey), gently recline backward, taking support of the right elbow first and then the left elbow.
  • Slowly, lie flat on your back by keeping the arms crossed above the head; make sure the knees remain joined or closed together, touching the ground.
  • Be in this position for 15-20 seconds with normal breathing.
  • Exhaling (Krishna), slowly come up to the sitting position with the support of the elbows and arms.
  • This completes one round; practice for two more rounds.
  • Finally come to sithil Dandasan and relax for a while.
  • On the bodily movements and breaths synchronized with them
  • On the stretch and pressure on the lower back
  • On the abdomen
  • On the unbroken rememberance of “Radhey Krishna” with each breath
  • Supt Vajrasan tones up the spinal nerves and gives extra suppleness to the back. 
  • It massages the abdominal organs, eliminates different digestive ailments, and constipation. 
  • It is extremely advantageous in reducing asthma, bronchial, and other pulmonary problems.
  • It helps redirect sexual energy upward to the brain.
  • Persons with knee complaints, sciatica, sacral infection, and slipped-disc should not do it.

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