Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Guidelines for Pranayam

Generally speaking, one can find innumerable dos and don’ts mentioned in various books pertaining to pranayam. But the basic guidelines are the same though they are expressed in different ways. One should take heed of these basic rules for the efficacy of the Pranayams.
  • Pranayam should be practiced on empty bowels or at least four hours after heavy meals and two hours after light meals.
  • It should be practiced in an open place where adequate fresh air is available.
  • The proper time for Pranayam is in the morning, but it can be practiced even after sunset.
  • The sheet or cloth on which you sit must be a non-conductor of electricity.
  • One can sit in any meditative position, such as Padmasan, Vajrasan, or Siddhasan, etc. but the spine and neck should be straight—without any stiffness in the body.
  • One should not be impatient; rather, one should practice Pranayam slowly and cautiously.
  • Mentally chant “Radhey” during inhalation and “Krishna” during exhalation. You can also remember any other Names of God as per your wish.
  • Eyes should be totally closed so that the mind does not get diverted.
  • Mild smile on your face while practicing pranayam brings a positive feel to the exercise.
  • You should not over-exert yourself while practicing Pranayam or else it may adversely affect your health.
  • One should not take bath and have food for at least 20-30 minutes after practicing pranayam.
  • Pregnant women, hungry people should not practice pranayam and medically ill people should do it under the guidance of a Yog therapist.

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