Monday, October 24, 2011

Radhey Krishna Yogasans

Most Yog teachers and practitioners in India and abroad perform yogāsan as a form of physical exercise. Since they do not pay attention to the mind, they are devoid of the experience of the Bliss of Devotion. And whatever benefit is achieved in the improvement of physical health, is only short-lived, because of neglecting the mind. The diseases of the mind, such as lust, anger, greed, envy and illusion, can only be cured through remembrance of the Supreme God.

To correct this anomaly, we have recommended Radhey Krishna yogāsans that are to be performed with mind fixed on God in meditation. To remain absorbed in the contemplation of God, endeavor to chant the Divine Names of God along with the practice of yogāsans. When the mind is in the divine realm, the yogāsans you perform will be more effective. Along with physical ailments, mental afflictions will also be healed. You will also feel the grace of God.

Hence practice chanting the Divine Names of your Ishta Dev (the form of God you worship) with your breaths. If you wish to remember the sweet forms of Radhey Krishna then while breathing in, say ‘Radhey’ in your mind, and while breathing out, say ‘Krishna.’ If you wish, you can choose any other Names as well, such as “Seeta Ram,” Namah Shivay,’ ‘Mother Mary,’ ‘Wahe Guru,’ Namo Buddhaya,’ etc.

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