Monday, October 24, 2011

Collaboration of Naturopathy with Allopathy

Nowadays Naturopaths have collaborated with the medical doctors so that Naturopathy can be a proven, efficacious, and reliable healing system plus naturopathic medicines can be scientific and safe like other treatments. As most of the medicines of Allopathy directly suppress the symptoms of the diseases, the allopathic doctors are trying to exploit Naturopathy as a subsidiary healing way in preventing and managing a range of common illnesses.

Next benefit of Naturopathy for the patients and doctors is that it is cheaper as compared to Allopathy and can enhance patient health in a cost-effective way. Just for example, in Germany several naturopathic alternative treatments are sold as reliable science such as reflexology (The study of reflex responses, especially as they affect behavior). Thus, naturopathic methods are scientifically genuine and can be prescribed either as an alternative healing, or a supplement to Allopathy.

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