Sunday, October 2, 2011

Natarajasan - 1 (Lord Shiv’s Dance - 1)

  • Stand up straight, in an upright position, with both feet joined together and arms by your sides, i.e. Saral Tadasan.
  • Focus at a fixed point at eye level.
  • Inhaling (Radhey), fold your right leg so that you can hold its ankle with your right hand behind the body.
  • Keeping the inner thighs together, maintain your balance.
  • With an exhalation (Krishna), slowly raise and outstretch your right leg backward, as high as possible.
  • Without twisting the right hip, try to raise right leg directly behind your body.
  • Move the left arm upward and forward so as to maintain the balance.
  • Try to hold the position as long as possible with normal breathing.
  • To regain the base position, inhale (Radhey) and lower both, the left arm and the right leg slowly by bringing the knees together.
  • Then, release your right ankle, simultaneously lower the foot down to the floor, and also lower the right arm to the side.
  • Perform the same process with the left leg.
  • Ultimately, come into Shithil Tadasan and relax.
  •  Note: One should not do it unless the body is flexible enough.
  • On spontaneously feeling the omnipresence of “Radhey Krishna” 
  • On the balance in the final position
  • Natarajasan develops concentration and gives control over your body. 
  • Plus, your nervous system is balanced well.
  • Legs are given extra suppleness.

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