Sunday, October 2, 2011

Prishthasan (Back Pose)

  • Stand up straight—in an upright position—with both feet joined together and arms by your sides, i.e. Saral Tadasan.
  • Spread your feet about one foot apart, with the toes slightly out to the sides.
  • Inhaling (Radhey), bend your knees, taking them close to the floor as much as possible.
  • Meanwhile, also bend the trunk backward from the waist, and by moving your arms back, slowly reach down to hold your ankles.
  • Now maintain balance, drop your head backward, trying to lower both—the head and the back—as closer to the floor as possible.
  • Hold this position from 15-20 seconds with normal breathing.
  • Exhaling (Krishna), come back to the initial pose with both the feet apart.
  • Repeat this for up to two times.
  • Finally, come into Shithil Tadasan and relax.
  • On your breaths synchronized with the different bodily movements
  • On the stretches and strains caused by them
  • On becoming conscious of the presence of “Radhey Krishna” in your each breath
  • On the balance in the final position
  • Prishthasan strengthens the abdominal muscles and organs by stretching them fully. 
  • The blood circulation in the back is improved well, which stimulates and tones the nerves of the backbone. 
  • It makes the legs stronger and more supple.
  • People suffering from stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, coronary thrombosis, or back ailments should not practice it.

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