Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kati Chakrasan (Waist Rotating Pose)

  • Stand up straight—in an upright position—with both feet joined together and arms by your sides, i.e. Saral Tadasan.
  • Keep a distance of about 1.5-2 feet between your feet.
  • Raise your arms in front and up to the level of your shoulders—with the palms facing each other.
  • Let the distance between your arms be the same as the shoulder-width.
  • Inhale (Radhey) deeply in this position.
  • Now exhale (Krishna) and twist your upper body to the right, as much as possible.
  • Keep your arms locked at elbows throughout the process.
  • Remain in this pose for 15-20 seconds with normal breathing.
  • Inhale (Radhey) while returning to the centre.
  • Repeat each step three times on either side.
  • Note: Kati Chakrasan can also be done with fast movements—without maintaining the final position. Done this way, it can be practiced about 10-20 times.
  • On your bodily movements and breaths synchronized with them
  • On the stretches and strains of the abdomen and spinal muscles
  • On feeling the unbroken presence of “Radhey Krishna” along with your breathing
  • Kati Chakrasan tones up the abdomen, back, and buttocks. 
  • As this is a relaxing pose, it greatly benefits those who work the entire day at the office or home.

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